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What exactly is Black In Travel?

Imagine TripAdvisor geared towards melanated travelers! Well, that’s who we aspire to be in a nutshell. BIT is a space for travel inspiration, hotel, restaurant recommendations, group trips and trip planning that you could relate to, for people like you, created by people like you! We’ve made it easier to connect travelers of color to discover, plan and book places that you actually may want to go, through a vetted community you can actually trust!

Why is it important for Black travel professionals to have a network like Black In Travel?

The Black Travel Movement has grown expeditiously in the last few years. There are so many new travel brands, businesses, and influencers, it’s hard to keep up! Black In Travel is a collective network. As a collective, we are a trusted network of creditable industry experts offering the best current and upcoming experiences for minority travelers.  


Is Black In Travel only for Black people?

Black In Travel is designed to offer Black, Brown and LGBTQ+ travelers a safe space, dedicated to assisting minorities in navigating international travel. Our goal is to provide information that’s relevant to the needs, concerns, and interests of minority travelers. It is important that we share, educate and embrace the real life stories, reviews and experiences from travelers of color. 

Are the experiences hosted by Black In Travel? 

No, not all of them. We are pleased to collaborate and partner with some amazing travel brands to offer epic travel experiences around the world.

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