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Priority Pass

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Last Updated December 23, 2022

Priority Pass & Sky Lounges

Many vacations start and end at the airport. But even with the seemingly endless lines, crowds and the stress that permeates the air from folks anxious about missing their flight or freaking out about delays or cancellations, there is an oasis in the midst of the chaos. The airport lounge.

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A good airport lounge can feel downright dreamy compared to the bustle just outside its doors. Depending on which one you use, you can find everything from complimentary food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, comfy couches and seating, newspapers and magazines, television, areas ideal for working, sparkling clean restrooms, and maybe conference rooms, showers, places to sleep, table service dining and spa services. The food isn’t standard airport fare either, and often can hold its own with upscale restaurants. You’ll be in total comfort waiting for your flight.

How can you get through the golden doors to enter nirvana before your next flight? There are a few ways. Here’s a look at some of them.

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Priority Pass

Membership has its privileges. There are three tiers of membership with Priority Pass. The standard Priority Pass is $99 a year and you pay $35 per lounge visit as will any guest you bring. The Priority Pass Plus is $329. You get 10 free visits and then it’s $35 for you and $35 for your guest. Prestige is $469 and all your visits are free and $35 for your guest. For the frequent traveler and especially those traveling for business and those with long layovers, the Priority Pass can be your ticket to sanity. The perks go beyond the lounge, as you can take advantage of airport dining, retail and spa discounts, preferred pricing on car rentals and airport transfers, as well as complimentary memberships and subscriptions from Priority Pass’ partners.

What’s in your wallet matters. Some credit cards offer Priority Pass Select as a benefit. This is one more reason to explore getting cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Platinum, and Capital One Venture X Rewards.

Get a day pass. Not every lounge offers day passes, but it can’t hurt to ask the lounge receptionist. Download LoungeBuddy. The app allows you to preview which lounges at airports around the world allow you to purchase one-time access. What you’ll pay for a day pass varies but expect around $45-50.

Airline lounges

The airlines reward their best customers. Elite status on airlines can give you access to the airline’s airport lounge. Find out what level earns you this perk on airlines like Delta, American, United and others. Keep in mind too, that an airline’s alliance might also offer lounge privileges. See if the airline you’re flying is part of the Star Alliance and whether you can access the Star Alliance Lounge. Another to check into is the SkyTeam Alliance.

The best of the best

Like everything, all lounges aren’t created equal. But truth is, any lounge is likely going to be a welcome haven from airport madness. For sure there are some lounge superstars. Who tops the best lounge lists consistently? Check out who’s getting the love, start your research here and here. Vow to create your own best-of list.


Sheryl Nance-Nash

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